Beef Bulalo Recipe

Beef Bulalo

  •     2 kg. bulalo/bone marrow or beef shanks
  •     1/2 kg. grated gabi (just like preparing for sinigang)
  •     1/2 kg. chinese pechay
  •     25 g. green onions
  •     10 g. garlic
  •     20 pcs. pepper corns
  •     1/4 kg. shredded labong
  •     1/2 kg. young corn-on-the-cob-cut by 1 1/2 inches
  •     8 c. water
  •     salt
  •     vetsin or magic sarap
  •     patis/fish sauce

Cooking Procedure:

  1.     Bring water to a boil then add the bulalo
  2.     Boil once and remove scum that floats
  3.     Boil again, add all the above ingredients except the chinese pechay
  4.     After 3 minutes, lower fire to simmer
  5.     When bulalo is soft, add the chinese pechay
  6.     Add salt, patis, vetsin or magic sarap to desired taste
Hot Tip:
    Use beef stock instead of water
    Just add red chili peppers or black pepper for a spicy-hot bulalo

Source: Lahat Sarap

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